Twin Clarifiers - Bundamba

Client: Theiss, Black & Veatch Joint Venture

Project Value: Approximately $700k

Contract Type: Supply, Manufacture, Sandblasting & Painting, Delivery

Timeline: 3 Weeks

Description: 2 x Twin Clarifier Tanks

The Twin Clarifiers being prepared in the WorkshopThe Twin Clarifiers being prepared in the Workshop On the truck, ready for the journey to siteOn the truck, ready for the journey to site Leaving the yard, on specially adapted trucksLeaving the yard, on specially adapted trucks

Project Objectives

One of the most challenging  projects undertaken by Maxcon Industries was the design, manufacture, and installation of the ‘Bundamba Twins’ (as they became known) for Bundamba WWTP.

This project came about as Ipswich City Council devised a scheme to conserve potable water during a particularly severe drought in 2009/2010. Potable Water that was currently servicing the Power Station at Swan Bank would be now recycled water from the Bundamba WWTP, instead of the drinking water that had been servicing the station until then, in order to conserve the drinking water levels within the town.  

Swanbank Power Station will be using recycled water from Bundamba WWTP for cooling and for the demineralisation plant, thus reducing the use of potable water in the industrial sector.

Scope of Works

Maxcon Industries were asked to supply, manufacture, blast and paint two Clarifier tanks for Black & Vetch.

Special Considerations

The upgrade was part of the drought mitigation and the tanks were required to be manufactured and installed within a tight 3 week program.

Operation levels of the workshop were increased to 24 hours a day to ensure the project was delivered on time. 


The two Clarifier Tanks were manufactured in Maxcon Industries’ specialist workshop at Ipswich, west of Brisbane.

The facility was able to manufacture both vessels simultaneously. Due to the size of the workshop, the Clarifiers were sheltered from adverse weather conditions, ensuring weld preparation and fabrication could be controlled and thus guaranteeing the highest quality finished product within the specified timeframe.


The two Clarifiers were transported by two special low axle trucks for the journey. The trucks were required to ensure clearance under low obstacles.

At time of delivery, there were only two trucks in the entire country that were capable of transporting such massive structures and both of them were needed to complete the delivery to Bundamba.

Although the logistics were challenging, there were no delays or damage during the journey to Bundamba WWTP.