About Us

Maxcon Industries is a part of the Aquatec Maxcon Group, who commenced operations in 1970 and have since developed into a leading provider of water and wastewater technology in Australasia. The group provides a complete vertically integrated range of services combined with an extensive range of state of the art products, processes and technologies.

The Aquatec Maxcon Group consists of:

Projects are undertaken in all states of Australia, New Zealand as well as internationally, supported from offices in Brisbane (Ipswich), Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. The group employs over 300 people and has successfully completed projects in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Fiji, Vietnam and China.   

Why Choose Maxcon Industries?

Maxcon Industries have an impressive number of resources at our disposal, built up over 47 years.  These include:

Fabrication Capabilities:

  • Presses of 125,200 and 300 tonne capacity - bed lengths up to 6m
  • Metal Cropper to 60mm round mild steel by 25mm sheer cut 
  • Guillotine 3.8 metres by 16mm.Metal Cropper to 60mm round mild steel by 25mm shear cut
  • Plate rolls 3.0 metres by 16mm Plate
  • Lathes to 6 metre centres 1 metre diameter at chuck

Blasting and Industrial Coating Capabilities:

  • 6m wide x 6m high x 20m long fully reclaimable blasting facility blasting with chilled iron grit and other abrasives as specified
  • 18m wide x 10m high x 90m long industrial coatings facility utilising Airless and Conventional spray systems
  • A 16t and a 20t overhead crane for set-out

The Maxcon Industries site in Ipswich, QLD has two state of the art fabrication workshops and an abrasive blasting and painting shop facility. We also have an onsite 2D and 3D shop drafting facility.

In addition, Maxcon Industries is equipped with a 6.5m x 6m x 20m long blast room with trolley access from the load out area to the paint area.

The Blast facility uses a steel grit media and is capable of Class 3 blast.

The paint area is 18m x 90m x 10m high with a 16 tonne and 20 tonne over head cranes for lifting components. External mobile cranes can be used to augment this lifting capability. 

Crucially, Maxcon Industries are one of only four manufacturers worldwide that have the facilities and know how to fabricate Large Scale Vacuum Insulated Pipes.  The revolutionary and specialised method used to super insulate the pipework has been developed by Maxcon industries to cater to the growing demand for these pipes.  The prototype was developed in Australia and quality tested to meet the ASME B31.3 standard requirements.

The company has a long history of attention to quality and has accreditation to AS/NZS ISO 9001.

Our workshops are best suited for plate work and general structural work and are able to fabricate any component capable of road transport.