About Maxcon Industries 

Maxcon Industries is an industry leader in the manufacturing of custom complex steel structures.

A market leader since our inception in 1970, Maxcon Industries began as a small private company, originally called Maxwell Contracting. The organisation moved to its current location just outside Ipswich in 1974. The business initially concentrated on power plant steelwork and high quality general engineering remains the core of the business to this day.

All of our staff have an extensive range of expertise, from all aspects of design and construction, including professional engineers (civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical and environmental), draftspersons, certified water and wastewater plant operators, fitter and turners, boilermakers and painters, who support our specialist activities and projects.

We provide custom made cryogenic pressure vessels and vacuum insulated products including pipes and tanks and other diverse complex steel objects throughout Australia and worldwide.

In order to have become industry leaders in our field, we have proven ourselves to be internationally competitive and have successfully exported high quality products to countries all over the world including Vietnam, India, Singapore, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and China, among others areas.

Maxcon Industries employs over 70 people and has successfully completed projects in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Fiji, Vietnam and China.

We have a long standing commitment to apprenticeship programs, training and development.  We have been regularly recognised for excellence and our continuing commitment to training and apprenticeships.

Past Performance

Maxcon Industries has completed over 1,000 projects to date and crucially, are one of only four manufacturers worldwide that have the facilities and know how to fabricate Large Scale Vacuum Insulated Pipes. The revolutionary and specialised method used to super insulate the pipework has been developed by Maxcon industries to cater to the growing demand for these vessels. The prototype was developed in Australia and quality tested to meet the ASME B31.3 standard requirements.

Our sister company, PT Aquatec Maxcon Indonesia, has now been operating for over ten years and has a staff of over 30 people at its offices in Jakarta and Surabaya. We have recently completed the construction of a new workshop on our premises in Jakarta, which will enable us to cater for the fabrication of larger and more complex steel structures.

Maxcon Industries have established a strong commitment to continuous improvement, spending over $23 million on research and development over recent years, to ensure that all of our products offer world leading performance.

A very strong balance sheet has been developed over the company's long history with substantial established lines of credit available.