Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Feed line to a Gas TurbineFeed line to a Gas TurbineMaxcon Industries is a leading manufacturer of Pressure Vessels, Pressure Tanks, and Pressure Pipes in Australia.

As a market leader in the fabrication of these highly specialised items, Maxcon Industries is certified to AS:3992.  We have multiple staff certified to AS:1210 and AS:4041 as well as having a fulltime internal auditor.

Maxcon Industries also holds coveted ASME certification and has been third party certified so that we are fully compliant with both the Australian and International standards.

We take great pride in maintaining and developing highly skilled staff and will also manufacture to any other international standard as required.

Maxcon Industries manufactures heat exchangers, boilers, exhaust stacks, gas trains, storage tanks and transformers to name but a few and can also deliver specialist supplier items for power stations, gas pipelines and process plants.