Aquatec Maxcon Group announced as 2017 Business of the Year

On Saturday 4th November, Aquatec Maxcon Group was announced as the winner of Business of the Year at the 2017 City of Ipswich Business Awards, presented by the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce and Industry.2017 Business of the Year Award2017 Business of the Year Award

There were over 450 nominations across nine categories for the awards, which highlighted the diversity and depth of talent within the broader Ipswich business community. 

Greg Johnston, Managing Director of Aquatec Maxcon said, “It was very pleasing to see the company and its contribution to our city over many years recognised in this way. There were a number of other outstanding companies in the same category. That we succeeded against such strong competition is indicative of the capability and strength of the company and its ability to compete on the world stage.”

For more information on the awards, visit https://www.ipswichfirst.com.au/ipswich-businesses-show-diversity-strength/

Aquatec Maxcon Group Business of the YearAquatec Maxcon Group Business of the Year

Accepting the award on behalf of Aquatec Maxcon, L to R:  Greg Johnston, Monita Naicker, Peter Ferrando and Scott Blackwell.

Photograph courtesy of Ipswich Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Safe Work and Return to Work Award, a demonstration of safety leadership

Aquatec Maxcon Group is proud to announce our Maxcon Industries employee, Bruce O’Grady, won the “Injured worker achievement award” at the Queensland Safe Work and Return to Work Awards 2017.  Bruce was also a finalist in the “Best demonstrated leadership in return to work” award.

This year, 167 organisations and individuals entered the Awards, with everyone involved having demonstrated their commitment to keeping Queensland workers healthy and safe, or getting those that are injured, back to meaningful work.

Bruce was crushed in a forklift incident and suffered four fractured vertebrae, collapsed lungs, a broken pelvis, fractured ribs, damaged spleen and liver, crushed nerves from the waist down and partial bowel removal, as well as ongoing complications.   

With the support of company management and a positive attitude about his rehabilitation, Bruce has made a remarkable recovery, pushing himself to ensure his rehabilitation goals were met.  Bruce has now returned to work full time.

Trent Court, Yard Supervisor Maxcon Industries, said “It takes a very special person with determination to be able to turn a catastrophic injury into a positive outcome for himself, his family and his workplace. Well done to all involved.”

While Bruce was injured, he completed a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment to assist in the role as a trainer for Maxcon Industries and the Aquatec Maxcon Group. The effect of Bruce’s incident and return to work has been that people are more aware of their working environment and are more proactive about safety. Bruce often speaks candidly to current and new staff about his injuries and the importance of safety in the workplace.   Bruce said “Management backed me from day one.  They were fantastic.”

Aquatec Maxcon Group would like to congratulate Bruce on both his significant recovery and winning this award.  We welcome him back to work and highly value his contribution and demonstrated safety leadership.

To view Bruce’s story, click HERE ON YOUTUBE

Bruce O’Grady with his wife Kerry (Center), with the first responders to his injuries; members of the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) and Maxcon Industries colleagues.


Receiving QAS certificates of appreciation for their first responder work in attending Bruce O’Grady’s injuries.

Maxcon Industries employees  L to R:  Chris Aitken, Scott Blackwell, Drew Hebbron (QAS), Dale Ward and and Trent Court.

Photographs courtesy of Work Safe Queensland and Queensland Ambulance Service.


Freeport LNG Liquefaction Project Completed

Our Thai facility recently completed the Freeport LNG Liquefaction Project for Quintana Texas, USA.

Trains 1 & 2 of Vacuum Insulated Pipe (VIP) consisted of a total length of 5,582m and 252 spools for CZ JV,  a joint venture consisting of CB&I Inc. and Zachry Industrial, Inc.

Train 3 consisted of a total length of 478m and 22 spools, comissioned for CCZ JV, a joint venture consisting of CB&I Inc., Chiyoda International Corporation and Zachry Industrial, Inc.

The final spools were shipped on the 10th June 2017.

Cameron LNG Project Completed

Earlier this year, our Thailand facility completed the Cameron LNG Liquefaction Project for Hackberry Lousiana, USA.

CC JV, a joint venture consisting of CB&I Inc.and Chiyoda International Corporation commissioned 71 spools with a total length of 1017m. The final spools were shipped on the 20th February 2017.