Fabrication Capabilities:

Fabrication in Workshop OneFabrication in Workshop One

  • Presses of 125,200 and 300 tonne capacity - bed lengths up to 6m.

  • Metal Cropper to 60mm round mild steel by 25mm shear cut.

  • Guillotine 3.8 metres by 16mm. Metal Cropper to 60mm round mild steel by 25mm shear cut.

  • Plate rolls 3.0 metres by 16mm Plate.

  • Lathes to 6 metre centres, 1 metre diameter at chuck.


Blasting and Industrial

Blasting and Industrial Coating Capabilities:

  • 18m wide x 10m high x 90m long industrial coatings facility utilising Airless and Conventional spray systems.

  • A 16t and a 20t overhead crane for set-out. 

Workshop Specifications

Workshop Specifications:

Maxcon Industries has two state of the art fabrication workshops at it's Ipswich Head Office Location;Inside Workshop Number 1Inside Workshop Number 1

Workshop no. 1: used for General Fabrication and Pressure Vessels

  • 2,280 m2 (under roof)
  • Cranes: 16T + 10T + 6T

Workshop no. 2: used for the fabrication of Cryogenic

Tanks up-to 600,000L

  • 1,280 m2 (under roof)
  • Cranes: 20T + 16T
  • Mobile Cranes: 65T, 25T 12T, 2x10T, 8T and 2x6T. 
  • A 100T Crane is rented when required. 



Maxcon Industries has amassed several crucial resources over a number of years to cater to all industries and clients, including an onsite 2D and 3D shop drafting facility.

All Aquatec Maxcon staff are multi skilled and can adapt to various roles, as required by project demands. Our human resources and training policies have ensured that multiple staff (especially engineers) are experts in the same field.

We have a resource bank of 70 engineers that can smoothly transition into various roles for any project. In addition we have factories located in Thailand and Sydney to assist our main manufacturing facility in Ipswich, to meet any challenging time frames for prospective projects. Our installation crews generally derive labour assistance from local areas, both to invest in local resources and to maintain a tight budget.