Maxcon Industries have worked on multiple government projects across most areas of Australia.

We have been involved at multiple varying stages of project development from concept and design through to manufacture only.

Maxcon Industries has been involved in strictly fabricating, from client supplied engineering approved drawings, right through to the other end of the engineering spectrum where design, engineering, manufacture, then supply and install is delivered.

We are happy to work with prospective agencies at varying stages of design to ensure trouble free project delivery.

It is common for clients to utilise our practical experience as early as possible to limit any costly engineering solutions, to ensure the prevention of cost blowouts, as many government agencies do not have the luxury of large design budgets.

Maxcon Industries can be engaged to offer practical engineering solutions based on product experience and field knowledge.

Below are some examples of projects carried out to the highest specifications by Maxcon Industries. 

Wynnum Wastewater Treatment Plant

Platforms  Handrails QUUPlatforms Handrails QUU

Maxcon Industries fabricated the structural steel pipework for the inlet works at the Wynnum WWTP, Brisbane, which was operated by Queensland Urban Utilities and the project was for BWEA Alliance.

Along with the inlet pipeworks, Maxcon Industries was commissioned to supply and install the elevated work platforms,walkways, stairs and handrails to the highest level of standards, which were all above the minimum required Australian Standard Specifications.



Lad's Passage - Navigational Aid

Navigational Aid Lads PassageNavigational Aid Lads Passage

Lad’s Passage and Fairway Channel Navigational Aid - Great Barrier Reef.

From the water level to the tip of the beacon is approximately19m. In total, three fourlegged as shown and six single leg beacons were built by Maxcon Industries.