Coating Systems and Abrasive Blasting

Maxcon Industries operates an assembly line approach to fabrication and abrasive blasting / coating, which ensures that minimal work time is lost and productivity remains high.

Our Paintshed workshop is equipped with a blast room 6.5 metres wide, 6 metres high and 20 metres long with trolley access from load out area to paint area. A fully automated recovery unit provides continuous recovery and reuse of grit which facilitates high production levels.

The blast facility uses a steel grit media and is capable of a Class 3 blast with up to 100um profile. Air supply to two pots and hoses is delivered from two compressors with 875 CFM capacity. 

After blasting, the complete fabricated equipment is painted in our specialised, environmentally friendly painting facility prior to packaging and dispatch.

The Paint area is 18 metres wide, 90 metres long and 10 metres high, with 16 tonne and 20 tonne overhead cranes available for lifting components. 

Maxcon Industries have conventional, air assisted and airless spray equipment, as well as internal surface blasting and spraying capabilities for complex components.

Workshop Specifications:

Workshop 1:  General Fabrication and Pressure Vessels

  • 2,280 m(under roof)
  • Cranes: 16T + 10T + 6T

Workshop 2: Cryogenic Tanks up to 600,000L

  • 1,280 m2 (under roof)
  • Cranes: 20T + 16T
  • Mobile Cranes: 65T, 25T 12T, 2x10T, 8T and 2x6T.
  • A 100T Crane is rented when required