Painting and Sand Blasting

Location: Blast room 1 and Paint Bays 1-4, Ipswich

Blasting Capacity: Class 3 Blast with 60um Profile

Painting Capacity: 18 metres W, 90 metres L, 10 metres H

Description: State-of-the-Art Coating and Sand Blasting Facility

Sand Blasting FacilitySand Blasting Facility During the Painting ProcessDuring the Painting Process Drying in the SunDrying in the Sun

Workshop Facilities

The factory complex has a floor area of approximately three thousand square feet. There are two state-of-the-art fabrication workshops; a blasting and painting shop facility. The main workshop is 20 metres wide, 110 metres long and 12 metres high. Three overhead cranes are installed in the main workshop with over 7 metres to the hook. 


Maxcon Industries is equipped with a Blast room 6.5 metres wide, 6 metres high and 20 metres long with trolley access from load out area to paint area. The blast facility uses a steel grit media or garnet depending on application and is capable of a Class 3 blast with up to 100um profile.

To ensure supply is not interrupted the air supply is via two pots with independent hoses and is delivered from three compressors each with 875 CFM capacity.

After sandblasting, the complete fabricated equipment is painted in our specialised, environmentally friendly painting facility prior to packaging and dispatch.

The paint area is 18 metres wide, 90 metres long and 10 metres high with 16 tonne and 20 tonne overhead cranes available for lifting components. Maxcon have both conventional and airless spray equipment. Air is supplied for painting from a stand-alone compressor. 

Additional facilities

An additional facility houses the machine shop in which the company manufactures 75% of all its machining requirements.

The steel items fabricated in the Maxcon Industries workshop presently amount to approx. 1000 tonnes a year. Maxcon Industries also has facilities in Thailand and Indonesia, with the Thailand workshop manufacturing approximately 1500 tonnes a year at present.