Congratulations on Re-certification of ASME Authorisations


Maxcon Industries continues its dedication and investment to surpassing high quality standards by Re-Certification of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME. Maxcon Industries is proud to have successfully retained its ASME "S" and ASME "U" authorisation until 2016. Maxcon Industries was externally audited by representatives of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME and has retained its coveted authorisation to build in accordance with the Code, and the use of the certification mark. 

Bechtel Outsanding Performance Award

Cryeng Bechtel Trophy Outstanding Performance 2013Cryeng Bechtel Trophy Outstanding Performance 2013

Maxcon Industries has received great acclaim though its fabrication alliance with Cryogenics specialists Cryeng. Cryeng was awarded a prestigious supply award by Bechtel for the support of the APLNG project at Curtis Island. Maxcon Industries strategic fabrication and design alliance with Cryeng was successful in the delivery of the project to Bechtel.

Mil-Tek Green Appreciation Award

Green Appreciation awardGreen Appreciation award

Maxcon Industries was identified by Mil-tek Waste Solutions Queensland for its environmental awareness and support for Green initiatives. Maxcon was presented the Green Appreciation award for:

  • Contribution to reducing waste ending up in land fill through recycling efforts. 
  • Reduced carbon footprint through Green initiatives. 
  • Active participation in initatives aimed to improve recycling practices.

Maxcon Indstries was awarded the Green appreciation award by Colin Flynn General Manager of Mil-tek Waste Solutions Queensland and Kristian Skannerup President of Mil-tek worldwide.