Vacuum Insulated Pipes

Vacuum Insulated Pipes

Client: Bechtel Oil, Gas Chemical (QCLNG + APLNG)

Project Value: 

Contract Type: Supply, Manufacture, Sandblasting & Painting, Delivery

Timeline: 24 Months

Description: 8.0 Km Vacuum Insulated Pipe 6" to 60" Diameter

Waiting to be hoisted on to a delivery truckWaiting to be hoisted on to a delivery truck Ready for delivery to siteReady for delivery to site On site At QCLNGOn site At QCLNG

Project Objectives

Maxcon Industries was contracted by Cryeng Group Pty Ltd (who was awarded the project by Bechtel Oil Gas and Chemicals) to manufacture and deliver all of the specialised high quality vacuum insulated pipework required for the multi-billion dollar Gladstone LNG project. The vacuum insulated pipe was used to transfer the processed LNG from the processing plant, from the port facilities to the ship loading facilities off shore.

Maxcon Industries engaged its sister company Cryeng Thailand to manufacture the custom lengths and diameters of ultra-high efficiency vacuum insulated pipe due to its ASME accreditation, flexibility and dedication to quality. The custom nature of the project required a specialist approach to production and project management that was developed in consultation with Cryeng Group Pty Ltd and Bechtel. Maxcon Industries took advantage of its head office resources in Queensland, and chose Cryeng Thailand to manufacture off shore. Maxcon Industries’ ability to utilise key advantages of its company structure ensured the project was delivered successfully.

Scope of Works

Both projects required approximately 4.0 Km of vacuum insulated pipe each. The pipe was to be manufactured to client specifications in Thailand and tested by an internationally accredited third party prior to delivery to port. Bechtel and the end client were dedicated to the successful delivery of the vacuum insulated pipe, as any error or delay would severely affect the general delivery of the larger LNG project in question. No such errors or delays were encountered during either project delivery.

Special Considerations

The revolutionary and specialised method used by Cryeng Thailand to super insulate the pipework was developed by Maxcon industries and Cryeng Group Pty Ltd to cater to the growing demand within the industry. The prototype was developed in Australia and quality tested to surpass the ASME B31.3 standard which was a minimum required by the principal contractor for these projects.


Maxcon Industries has ASME accreditation in both Australia and Thailand. It is a highly regarded certification and was a leading contributor to Maxcon Industries being awarded the projects by Bechtel. Fabrication of the custom size vacuum insulated pipework took a great deal of expertise which Maxcon Industries has earned through constant practice and experience, with more than 47 years in the industry under our belt. 


The QCLNG contract was successfully completed by Maxcon Industries, Cryeng Thailand and Cryeng Group Pty Ltd ahead of the project schedule and with no financial overruns or delays. The vacuum insulated pipe was delivered by road to the Laem Chabang port in Thailand. Bechtel then installed the completed pipe into modules prior to shipping over 4750 Nautical Miles to the port of Gladstone in the Great Barrier Reef.